Tips of Good Parenting

Good Parenting

~It’s much easier to raise good children than repair broken men…

A child is like a seed. The garden, gardener, soil, climate, the nurturing; all these factors affect the growth of a seed to a fully grown plant which is now capable of producing its own seeds. Similarly in this garden named life, the gardeners who show the light of dawn to its seed(child) are called parents. Just as a seed needs all nurture to evolve to a sapling -> plant -> tree, and the process of nurturing is called gardening; similarly for the seed called a child, it needs all types of nurturing to evolve into a person, called parenting.

What is parenting?

Parenting can be defined as the promoting and supporting the development of a child in all physical, emotional, social and intellectual, right from the stage of infancy to adulthood. It is in the reference of the way a child is raised rather than the biological connection. Adopted/Orphaned children also receive parental care from their non-biological parents such NGO’s, government and society.

Good Parenting

Is parenting a difficult task?

Just as a seed needs proper care from the gardener for its growth, and the better the gardener is at his job, the lesser effort it takes for the seed to evolve. Similarly parenting is not at all a difficult task at hand if approached in the right way and with the right amount of care. After all, parents like all beings want to protect their offspring from all the negatives life hurls. But it’s sometimes necessary to let the child grow in its natural way to become healthy. As we see that if we take 2 saplings of same plant and type, and plant one indoors and the other outdoor, and take the same amount of care for them both; at the beginning, the outdoor plant would be somewhat withered, barely living whereas the indoor plant would be lush green. But if we continue this, in the long run, we see that the outdoor plant will grow taller, stronger, and healthy while the indoor plant might be lush green but it would be dwarf size. Why? Because the outdoor plant was exposed to all the harsh things nature threw at it be it rain, thunder or may come hail; but the indoor plant grew in a protected environment, it never knew how harsh nature can be.


Above are only some of the tips that can make your parenting journey a lil smooth. To conclude, it’s both the nature of the garden and the seed that affects its transformation. However, someone others thoughts can be also taken into consideration if it suits the nature of your child. Always remember, don’t adjust the child according to your parenting, and adjust your parenting according to your child’s nature.

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