The Surprising Benefits of Playing with Handmade Slime

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Although on the surface this may not seem like a big deal, it turns out that playing around with some homemade slime has more benefits to your child than just entertainment value. Visiting a slime shop can offer a wide variety of materials and ideas to further enhance the sensory and creative experience for your child.

  1. Sensory Development

Perhaps the biggest benefit of playing with handmade slime is that it helps to develop sensory stimuli. Stretching, squishing and molding slime provides the user a tactile experience; hands-on working with multiple senses, particularly touch followed by sight. This sensory experience can really improve fine motor skills and even hand eye coordination as well as the tactile awareness of children.

  1. Stress Relief

Slime is one of the most calming, stress reducing and therapeutic toys. Manipulating slime can be calming and reduce stress. Even for adults, play with slime can make brain time out and reduce stressimers of millions. The act of playing with the slime, such as pulling it apart and squishing it in your hands, can work to relieve stress by giving a kinetic way into which pent up energy or emotions could be released.

How to Make Slime With Baking Soda and Contact Solution - DIY Glitter Slime  Recipe

  1. Creativity and Imagination

The ever popular slime has so many options for customization including glitter, color and scents as well some of our kids favourite textures too. This allows for some sparks to fly, expression & freedom as well – making them more innovative.

  1. Educational Value

Aside from the sensory and creative benefits of playing with slime, it has strong educational properties to boot. Children can learn simple math and science concepts through measuring and mixing ingredients in order make slime. They are able to demonstrate how different recipes work, and why they adjust the levels of ingredients through at trial-and-error it teaches problem solving skills as well engages in critical thinking.

  1. Social Interaction

On the other side children who do slime making activities have to share, take turns and communicate while solving simple yet essential problems. Slime projects can also be used to encourage teamwork and collaboration as group slime concoction are formed by kids working together.

Handmade slime is beneficial for so many—be it a parent searching around an interactive activity to partake in with your little ones or as an uncomplicated stress-reliever that feels good squishing between fingertips. Visiting a slime shop can provide you with a variety of ingredients and ready-made options to enhance this fun experience.


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